Main Objects to be pursued by the Trust on its incorporation are:

  • To take up projects of schemes for promoting the social and economic welfare of, or the uplift of, the public for such area or areas as the trust may decide from time to time.

  • To set up, establish and operate educational institution, schools, workshops, research centre, physical, social, advancement of Indian culture among the general public, without any distinction of caste, creed and religion.
  • To grant monetary and other aid to the poor and deserving students, orphans and widows and to grant scholarships, stipends, medals, prizes, books and other equipments to the students, teachers and other persons connected with the educational and research institutions etc.

  • To provide medical aid and relief to the suffering people by establishing, maintaining and/or granting aid to hospitals, mobile health units, homeopathy centers, dispensaries, nursing homes, clinics, laboratories research center, pharmacy, ambulance, sanatoriums and other institution meant for rendering medical relief and by distributing free medicines and giving financial assistance to the needy persons.

  • To establish, maintain or grant aid to maternity homes, child welfare centers, houses for orphans, widows, destitute and poor persons, schools for the blind and otherwise handicapped and similar other organisations.

  • The institute shall exist solely for philanthropic charitable purposes and not for purposes of profit.